Aims and Activities

Aims and implementation of the Senate of the Economy’s goals

The Senate consistently promotes the following objectives:

  • Responsible sustainability for future generations through the preservation of all human and natural environments, with a viable foundation for prosperity
  • A sustainable, livable society that enables fair participation for all members
  • Corporate social responsibility, governance, and ongoing compliance in economics, politics, and society
  • A positive public image of public servants and members of government
  • A resounding reputation for enterprises and their leaders
  • Non-profit organizations and social projects
  • Fair collaboration between companies, state, and international institutions
  • The economic interests of all members

The Senate supports the United Nations and all sub-organizations, including The World Trade Point Federation and the UN Global Compact.

The Senate pursues these aims through:

  • Informing and advising decision-makers in politics and administration
  • Sponsoring conferences and other events, as well as publishing thought leadership-based content with think tanks, business leaders, and policy makers. We also work in conjunction with the Senate of Economy International and other global organizations
  • Sharing regional information and experience with enterprises, leaders, and representatives from the sectors of economics, politics, media, science, and research in the U.S and abroad
  • Presenting esteemed members (or individuals associated with the Senate) with distinctions, honors, and awards
  • Encouraging the implementation of mutual economic objectives for all members
  • Making donations to non-profit institutions
  • Providing venues for lectures, seminars, committees, study groups, and social events for important mutual collaboration and exchange of experience. This involves not only members, but service partners, consultants, and expert networks