Senate Delegation visit to San Francisco and New York City

fgdIn late September of this year a group of 30 Senate delegates from Germany and Austria visited the West and East coasts of the United States.

The delegation spent several days in California visiting with technology companies to learn what innovative companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley are doing in digital media, artificial intelligence and cyber security. The Senate members met with the CEO’s of the Silicon Valley based cyber security companies Area 1 and Yubico.

Oren J. Falkowitz founder and CEO of Area 1 said “Companies invest millions of dollars in cybersecurity technology much of which is not protecting them or their customers from phishing attacks. Area1’s pay-per-phish is a pricing model that aligns compensation with performance and changes the economics of being a bad guy on the internet.”

Stina Ehrensvard, CEO of Yubico explained she decided to move her company from Europe to Silicon Valley as it was much easier for Yubico to get in front of large companies like Google, Apple and Facebook. She elaborated that once Yubico had the endorsement of her products by the large companies obtaining the confidence of smaller companies would be easier.

Senator Florian Leibert and Tobi Knaup, co-founders at Mesosphere (now D2iQ), the hybrid cloud platform company which helps companies like NBCUniversal, Deutsche Telekom, and Audi adopt transformative technologies, like machine learning and real-time analytics, welcomed the delegation at their San Francisco office. D2iQ is backed with more than $250M by leading investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Microsoft, T. Rowe Price, Khosla Ventures, KDT and more. Leibert was recognized as one of Capital’s “Junge Elite” for the prior two consecutive years and led the company to be named by Business Insider as one of the “Enterprise Startups to Bet Your Career on in 2018” and one of “The 10 Coolest Tech Startups Of 2017,” according to CRN.

The Senate delegation also attended a panel discussion with Ambassador Nicholas Burns hosted by Senator Dean Fealk, partner with the law office of DLA Piper. Ambassador Burns opined, “The next Republican or Democratic President after Trump will strengthen the long established tradition of transatlantic cooperation including NATO“. He also explained why Europe matters for the United States and that western democracies should act collectively regarding economic and political issues.

After the panel discussion with Ambassador Burns, the delegation met with former San Francisco Major and legislator Willie Brown who spoke about the economic and political development of California. Brown said he mentored current California Governor Gavin Newsom and US Senator Kamala Harris in their bids to run for public office.

In New York City the delegation met with Dr. Gerd Müller, German Federal Secretary of Economic Development, and jointly presented the “Development and Climate Alliance“ at a United Nations event. The objective of this presentation is to increase nongovernmental participation in sustainable development and climate protection. Secretary Müller said: “Climate protection does not start with Greta Thunberg.”

Also attending the UN meeting was Prof. Franz Josef Radermacher, President of the Senate of the Economy Germany, who added that, “global warming could not efficiently stopped just by changing the behavior in industrial countries. In addition, new technologies and climate-neutral fuels would be needed for fighting global warming.”

“Fighting climate change includes also increasing excellent business opportunities for leaders who are committed to responsible inclusive economic growth“ said Michael Rolland, President of the US Senate of the Economy. He underlined the importance of focusing on transatlantic common values and interests in the next decade as one important goal of this delegation visit.