Since October 2017, the Senate of Economy International has an office at the seat of the United Nations in New York, with the official opening taking place before 14 Senate delegates during their visit from Europe.

Throughout their time in the city, the delegates learned about the current opportunities and challenges for international economic relations following the change in U.S. Administration and political climate. There for this exchange was the New York office of Prager Metis, a well-known international tax and audit firm.

The main themes of the trip to the U.S. were digitalization and the new economy, especially during their visits to the west coast hubs of San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Los Angeles.

In San Francisco, the delegates met with Florian Leibert, CEO, and co-founder of Mesosphere, who spoke of the potential of cloud computing. The market is booming and in the opinion of Leibert—as well as Google, it’s set to see a billion dollars in just a few years.

They also visited with Dean Falk, the initiator of Transatlantic West. He organized a leadership dialogue on international relations between the Senators of the European Senate and the U.S. Senate, as well as representatives from U.S. firms and associations.

The first event held in Silicon Valley was with Adam D’Angelo, a co-founder of Facebook, and today, CEO of Quora, an online question/answer platform. Authors of responses on Quora include former President Barack Obama, and Wikipedia co-founders Jimmy Wales and Richard A. Muller.

A further highlight of the Silicon Valley visit was the meeting with Professor Sebastian Thrun at his office at the renowned online university, UDACITY, in Palo Alto. Thrun, a former division head at Google, is considered by Foreign Policy magazine as one of the most influential thinkers of our time.

In Los Angeles, the European and U.S. Senators met to discuss at length the meaning of innovative collaboration between the U.S. and Europe.

There were several members of the Senate in attendance for a talk by Professor and author Jonathan Taplin in L.A. Fellow Members of the Board Dieter Härthe and Dr. Christoph Brüssel were there, as well as company representatives of Senate members, including Michael Rolland, President of the U.S. Senate of the Economy. His board members in attendance included Leslie Williams, international business attorney, John Gosch, international tax advisor, and other members like Jack Holocomb.

Taplin, author of the book “Move Fast and Break Things,” discussed his thoughts on the age of digitalization. He urged a strong social responsibility of all stakeholders in this debate. Taplin agreed with the central values of the Senate for economic development that is sustainable, responsible, and fair.

Stephan Trojansky, CEO of Scanline, based in Marina Del Rey, California, gave a history of his firm’s development from Munich to Los Angeles, and more recently, Vancouver, Canada. The firm produces special FX for films and now employs more than 500 employees. Stephan recently received an Academy Award nomination for Best Achievement in Visual Effects for Clint Eastwood’s film Hereafter.

Further events in Los Angeles included the delegates attending the film premiere of “Babylon-Berlin.” They also had a talk with the current mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller and former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, John B. Emerson, during the reception for the German National Celebration of Unity, and the 50th Anniversary of the Sister City program between Los Angeles and Berlin.

The concluding event of the six-day delegation trip was a dinner meeting held in Marina Del Rey and hosted on the yacht of Donald Davis, Business and Securities Law attorney, and colleague of the Senate’s board member, Leslie Williams. It was the perfect end to an amazing and informative trip!